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Although men's fashion is more discreet than that of women's fashion, is still very important. You may not hear so much, or see ads with many men, such as fashion models, but fashion is a man of the world too, especially in the sphere of hip hop.

Men's clothing has changed over the years, but there are a couple of staples that have not really changed. The b-boys know what they are. baseball caps, under shirts, t-shirt, tight jeans and loosewhite sneakers seems as if it never goes out of fashion.

Of course, as with anything (especially fashion), even the most classic updated. New color schemes and textures come into play. At this time you see a lot of bright, almost neon colors, while in the early '90s, blacks, reds, and greens, and other primary soft colors, a tribute to the colors of Africa. In the 80's, early hip hop, it was black and leather.

baseball caps are not just a hip hopstyle,but an American classic that will never go away. The only thing that has changed is the fact that a baseball team owner should not be advertised on the hat. They can be simple, make a political statement, or have a band logo or trademark on them. They are actually a major money maker for many hip trendy clothing labels.

Plain white undershirts are worn by many more people in the world of hip hop as well, but made popular rock band to wear alone. More than a woman saythat looks very sexy to see a man in nothing more than a clean white under the shell, or "wife-beater, jeans and white sneakers on.

The t-shirt is another American classic that has been requisitioned by the hip hop world. Many people think of as strictly casual tees, but the world of fashion knows how to dress. Matching your t-shirt for your hat and shoes is and has been for some time, very popular in hip hop. Tees come in varieties ever thought possible and are notjust more casual. Every major brand of clothing has a plethora of shirts available to choose from.

While loose fitting trousers are still "in", they should not be as loose as they were worn in the past. In 1990, it was not uncommon to see a man walking the streets with their pants so low that most of his boxers were showing. Now, to wear the pants in this way is generally considered in bad taste, and you do not see much anymore. E ', however, acceptable and elegant for the upper band of boxers to see over the tops of the pants.

The most common type of footwear trend of white sneakers. Nothing can beat, they go with everything, and are best if kept clean. Some famous artists have been known to walk very cautiously in their shoes, to keep them clean and fold them in any way. The sneakers do not have to be white, though. Sneakers are now available in any combination of colors, and are carefully matched by> Men's fashion hat, shirt, or both.

fashion men have fewer choices than women, and not be as stressed in our society, but is far from obsolete. It 'not only as a result. Hip hop clothing is no different. This is a ghost. The men of hip hop can look put together a 'art, it is not a girl at all, using the above staple items. Still, the man already has the lowest maintenance gear is considered by many as "hip hop".

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